The current MGS officers and board members are listed in the table below. If you want more information about the MGS club than is available on our website, you can contact appropriate individuals on this list. The table, including email addresses, is available in a PDF version.

Current MGS Officers and Members of the MGS Board

Vice President: Eric Seifter
Newsletter Editor:
Associate Editor: Vacant
Website Editor:
Website Assistant:
Membership Chair:
Social Media: Vacant
Liaison Officer: Cindy Lohman
Ways and Means Chair: Eric Seifter
Field Trip Coordinator:
MGS Sales:
Board of Directors: Bob Asreen, Bob Farrar, Mike Folmer, Mel Hurd, Rick Smith

Please direct any written correspondence to MGS President Gary Lohman: 21995 Barkentine Court, Great Mills, MD 20634.

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